My best wishes are with you and your families.  I hope you are all continuing to look after yourselves and are finding ways to busy your days.  The weather is warming up and the days are getting much longer so I am doing my best to spend as much time outside as possible.  I hope you do the same.

I understand that many of you are disappointed about the cancellation of this years’ Cultural Celebration. However, I want everyone to understand that we will plan that event later, when the Covid-19 situation is under more control. 

I made a few recordings over the past year . I wanted to share them with you with hopes that it brings back some good memories.

I’ve included a ‘Namgis Feast Song, and most will remember the song from the Salmon Feast we had in the school gym last fall.  Although the actual recording is from a Potlatch hosted by Homiskinis, Chief Don Svanvik of the ‘Namgis.

The other recording is of us singing the Dawson Ladies Dance in the Culture Room at school.  You can hear Aydan singing along.łalkwała-Ernest-Aydan-1.m4a

Many of you will remember this song and I hope that you will enjoy listening to it.  I have a few more I will post next time.

Stay safe and healthy,

Until next time,

Ernest Alfred

April 2020 – Kwakwala lessons as a presentation format (c) U’mista Cultural Society found here: