Here at Alert Bay School, our commitment to education extends beyond the classroom and into our very own garden. Managed with care and enthusiasm by our afterschool program students and the intermediate class, our gardens are thriving centers of learning and growth.

The garden located close to the road, was planted and tended diligently by our afterschool program students. This plot boasts a diverse array of crops and flowers. From the humble potato and hearty pea to the delicate strawberry and vibrant pumpkin, our students have nurtured a variety of produce with their own hands. To ensure that our garden thrives throughout the summer, a sprinkler system, set on a timer, ensures consistent watering.

This year, our intermediate class took on an exciting new project by creating a garden adjacent to their classroom. Anticipating the chilly temperatures of early spring, they started their seeds indoors, giving their plants a head start before transplanting them outside. This proactive approach not only taught them about plant life cycles but also empowered them to witness firsthand the transformation from seed to sprout.

Our school garden isn’t just about growing plants; it’s about nurturing curiosity, responsibility, and a love for nature. It serves as an outdoor classroom where students learn practical skills, environmental stewardship, and the satisfaction of harvesting the fruits of their labor.

As we continue to tend to our gardens, we invite our community to share in our excitement and to witness the beauty and bounty that our students cultivate with their own hands.

We would love to thank the following:

– Duncan Williams of RONA Alert Bay for his donation of West Coast Seeds and a planter box

– Heather Menicanin of Home Depot for vermiculite

–        Helene Waugh of Sea Soil for Sea Soil

– Josh Hotte of Home Hardware for 6 bales of peat moss

– Mike Roblin of Ace Hardware for manure, soil, and strawberry plants      

Thank you for helping us with our Agriculture in the Classroom project!