Alert Bay School invited our friends and family to have lunch with us on Thursday, November 3, 2022.    There was much to do to get ready for the feast.  Auntie Gundy, Auntie Modi and Auntie Patsy had plenty of help cooking the Yu’sa, fish soup.

Our friends from Sunset Elementary travelled from Port McNeill by ferry and by bus to join us for lunch. Everyone was served Yu’sa, with or without t̓łina, and homemade buns. We had cakes and cookies for dessert. A feast song was sung and our guests were given apples.

Staff and students honoured former cultural teachers Ada Vera Newman, Ada Stella Beans and Ms Tidi Nelson and gave them beautiful blankets.

Following this we had a salmon dance ceremony and fun dance. The feast ended with a speech from Ho’miskinis, Chief Don Svanvik.