Stage three of the BC Ministry of Education five stage plan began on May 25 and we are so happy to see each other and to be back in our school building.  Some K-5 students are attending two days a week and some 6-7 students attend one day per week.  School is a bit different than it was before the March shut down.  More lessons are conducted outside.  Mrs. Bragan’s students have been studying slugs.  Tony and Haekin made slug habitats in their bins.  They studied the slugs enjoying the habitats before releasing them a couple of hours later.

Desks are farther apart and there are spots marked on the floor to keep safe distance between students.  The water fountains are closed.  Staff and students do wellness checks daily and frequent hand washing. Staff are using a hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant on high touch surfaces.  All of these safety measures are starting to feel normal and certainly don’t stop us from enjoying each other’s company.

Haekin and Karen made blackberry jam from the berries we harvested in the Fall.  Karen and Anne have been busy assembling meal kits and delivering them to families.  Last week’s French Bread Pizza was a big hit. 

Students learning at home please continue communicating with your teacher whenever you need help or encouragement.  The last homework package has been delivered and completed work can be returned to the school through the mail slot in the photocopy room window.  Please have all work, even partially completed, returned to the school by June 19 so teachers can mark it before writing report cards.