Our school was so lucky to welcome teacher-on-call Mrs. Jong to our school to teach the grade 5/6/7 class while Mrs. Harris was away learning in Australia.

On February 19, the grade 5/6/7 class started a nature and survival unit. They watched a video called “Hug-a-Tree.”  Some things they learned about the Hug-a-Tree program were:

1. Before a hike, let someone know where you are going.

2. Before a hike, pack a whistle, bright garbage bag or survival blanket, snacks and water. You should wear bright clothing.

3. If you are lost, find a tree and stay put.

4. If you have a whistle, blow it 3 times because that’s the universal call for help (It’s like SOS)

5. Make a nest of sticks, branches, dry grass to sit on.

6. Cover up by tucking your pants and shirt in. If you have a garbage bag or survival blanket, cover yourself up.

7. Things you can do to notify the searchers are :

a) Wave your jacket or blanket

b) Make a big X or arrow out of sticks so helicopters can see you

c) Make an SOS using rocks

The 5/6/7 class walked to Gator Gardens with Mrs. Jong. They recorded things that they saw. The trails were muddy so they had to be careful.  They learned about the plants around them, and got to walk across the marsh.

They took socks and shoes off and some people got wet.  They had a great time. Here is the Hug-a-Tree YouTube link they watched: 

Thank you to Ms. Jong for the Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets she gifted to each student who completed the “Hug-a-Tree” program, and for teaching at our school this month.