Our Kindergarten to Grade 3 students travelled back in time in the Dance Pl3y workshops brought to our school by the After School Sport and Art Program.  The workshops were led by Brooke, an instructor from Vancouver, who did a residency from September 23 to 27.  Brooke took the students back to the Disco and Funk of the 1970s, Rock from the 1980s and HipHop of the 1990s.

Dance Pl3y workshops are a BC Dance curriculum based program.  They focus on building positive mental health and physical literacy.  The children are taught about rhythm and dance and the three rules of play:

  1. Be positive.
  2. Be fun.
  3. Be yourself.

The Grade 4 – 7 workshops travelled around the world.  Students danced in the styles of African folk, Bollywood, Chinese ribbon, Argentinian Tango and HipHop.  They also worked on teamwork and generating their own dance moves. The workshops were very active and the students had fun while working up a sweat.